T3.2: Javelin - Modelling and algorithm development; M6 - M8. Coordinator: Reija Lundén

that data. Network throughput will be secured and designed as a closed network where sensors are only connected through controller. And the controller is the only device connected to any common network at the venue. Fail-safes will also be implemented during this task and our algorithm will undergo T3.1: Javelin - new sensor for launch of javelin throw; M4 –M5. Coordinator: Reija Lundén

In this task, we will measure and analyse different sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs and SICK to select most suitable sensor for further development. Once the sensor is identified, we will research and investigate the sensor installation such as special brackets which will be needed to support the sensor.

The step tracking developed for jump events will be optimised for Javelin throw approach. For instance, athletes will be running and coming to a sudden stop for Javelin sport versus running and jumping for Jump sport and other exceptions. The next step will be to identify and segregate javelin release action (launch speed, launch angle, etc.) and athlete movement. Final step in optimisation is to detect Javelin launch specifics in 3D form. The algorithm will be continuously adapted and fine-tuned to assure reliability with multiple releases.

T3.3: Test environment, Feedback - improvement M10 – M11. Coordinator: Juha Maja

This task will be focused on determining boundaries of measurement for both athlete and javelin. We will define the Javelin’s KPIs that will be converted to the data (some KPIs are already known such as launch speed, launch angle, drag, etc., from other sports before). Once the KPIs are defined, we will devise specific testing protocols to validate the KPIs. For the validation process, we will work with venues, broadcasters, coaches, athletes and focus groups to collect feedback and offer suggestions on interesting information and how to best display such information. KIHU will be involved in this task as well to validate our measurement results.

  • T3.4: Interface development -

  • API/UI for 3rd party integration;

  • M4 – M16. Coordinator: Önder Gürkan

This task will focus on mock-ups creation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and feedback on user experience in GUI test environments. The mock-up will enable monitoring the data generated (to use with 3rd party integration).