Angular Velocity LLC (or Oy in Finnish), is a Finnish technology startup founded in 2016 by four individuals wanting to change the way people experience sports, from the viewer at home to research institutes.
Angular Velocity is committed to improving and enriching sports technology with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.

In 2016 Angular Velocity received its first outside funding from TEKES and was a regional finalist in the KasvuOpen competition for startups.
In June of 2016 SPECTO Bowling® made its first public appearance at BowlExpo in the United States and was voted best new product.

SPECTO Bowling® is a joint venture with Kegel LLC from Florida, U.S.A and the first product in the SPECTO Sports® line of products.
By the end of 2016 SPECTO Bowling® had been adopted by all major manufacturers in the bowling industry and as of today it is considered an essential tool that lends a healthy dose of credibility to new bowling balls entering the market.
SPECTO Bowling® is also used by federations around the world and can currently be found on every continent.

Check out http://www.spectobowling.com for more info on this.

2018 was an exciting year with good growth and excellent development of all our products. We formed new partnerships that makes 2019 seem even more exciting. SPECTO Curling is planned for release to the market in April / May with others following throughout the summer.

Founding members:
Kristian Törnqvist
Chairman & CEO

Önder Gürkan
Chief Design Officer

Or Aviram
Chief Technology Officer

Juha Maja
Chief Sports Officer

For investor contacts or other inquiries, please contact sales@angularvelocity.fi